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Patent Webinars

The patent webinars are structured around three main topics:

Functionality: Learn how to use specialized search tools in the Darts-ip platform.

Workflow: Learn what search strategies can be performed in a specific context.

Country:  Become familiar with foreign case law and litigation trends in other countries.

Functionally Based

Claim construction and damages search tools

Most frequent types of searches in the patent module

Workflow Based

Competition and technology monitoring

Prepare EPO cases

Prepare your patent infringement cases with Darts-ip

Prepare your patent invalidity actions with Darts-ip

Prosection with Darts-ip for EP practitioners

Prepare your FTO with Darts-ip

Country focused

US patent case law for non-US practitioners

India for EP practitioners

China for EP practitioners


Release of Darts-ip 5.4

Pharma: Patent case law in Europe

Pharma: Global patent case law

Visualize trends in the patent case law

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