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这份报告概述了非实施实体(NPE)在欧盟各成员国内的相关诉讼活动和专利行 使活动,包括向欧洲专利局(EPO)和德国专利局提交的异议请求和无效请求。

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 过去的一年,我们迎来了许多新同事和新机遇 ,度过了许多美好的时光。最重要的是,我们为自己努力服务好用户、为IP业界提供更多信息透明度和洞察力而付出的努力而感到自豪 。


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Cosmetics Packaging Report

Darts-ip's newest publication exploring cosmetics packaging legislation worldwide is now publicly available: The cosmetics industry is by nature focused on aesthetics and outward appearance. From product functionality to the presentation: appearance is key.The...

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Happy Holidays 2019

This holiday season we wish to thank our community for making 2018 eventful! It has been full of new colleagues and opportunities. We’re thankful for the happy memories we’ve made and the new Dartsians we’ve welcomed.

Most of all we’re proud of the hard work we have done to support our clients and bring transparency to the industry when it comes to IP cases.

Sharing 2018 with you has been incredible and we cannot wait to keep working with you in 2019! We wish you a joyful and safe holiday season, and a happy and healthy New Year!

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Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

Composed by co-authors John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie in 1934, the rights to the song ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ were assigned to Leo Feist’s music publishing company.

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近年来,发展智能汽车已成为全球汽车产业的共识,智能汽车全球专利申请总量正快速增加。知识产权对汽车企业的价值主要体现在高价值的专利布局,抢占创新制高点,以权利保护获得高额收益。根据汽车行业最大参与方的专利运营和诉讼互动形成的生态体系, 该报告提供数据支撑、预测与总结,您可以了解汽车行业知识产权(IP)诉讼的竞争态势和最新发展。...

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