Trademark webinars

Trademark webinars

September 24, 2018 / Webinar


Past webinars

Simple verbal structure comparison

This webinar focuses on the basics of the verbal comparison search criteria and how to perform advanced verbal searches with the simple search tools of Darts-ip.

Product comparison & search strategies

This webinar focuses on developping an efficient search strategy for conflicts between goods & services according to the information at hand.

Search by legal topic – the basics

This webinar focuses on the search strategies related to specific legal discussions such as distinctivness, opposability of a prior famous trademark and much more.

New search strategies with Darts-ip 5.4

This webinar focuses on the search strategies possible with the release of Darts-ip 5.4. Our new tools also help you to identify commercial opportunities.

How to use the advanced verbal comparison search tool?

This webinar focuses on the advanced search tool that can help you to find case law involving very similar verbal structures.

Monitor your field with Darts-ip

This webinar focuses on how to leverage Darts-ip to follow your competitors’ or clients’ activities and be alerted about specific legal discussions along with comparisons of specific G/S.

Prepare your opposition cases with Darts-ip

In this webinar, you will learn how Darts-ip can help you build your opposition cases or prepare your counter-arguments whether you use the point of law search, the verbal/concept/type tab, the goods and services comparison tab, or many other search tools.

Understand CJEU & GC case law at a glance with Dixit Curia

This webinar examines how Dixit Curia provides you with a handy and up-to-date overview of all relevant CJEU and GC case law on a specific legal topic of trademark law.

Successfully register your trademark with Darts-ip

This training session focuses on different searches you can perform when preparing your trademark registration:

  • how to minimize the risk of refusal?
  • how to anticipate the risk of an opposition?


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