Marketing Associate

Marketing Associate

December 25, 2018 / General

Marketing Associate

Darts-ip is hiring an experienced marketing associate to lead US activities and provide global marketing support. You would be reporting to the company’s headquarters in Brussels, and working remotely from your home-office in the US. Darts-ip is a lively and dynamic company, where team members are committed to growing the business, working hard and having fun. Decisions are made fast with a ‘can-do’ approach and teamwork is paramount.

Darts-ip is committed to collaborating with our clients, partners, and teammates around the globe. We all wear multiple hats to best improve our product and user experience and gain new clients. Our sales and client success members thrive on building relationships and executes with the client as the top priority.  Over 30,000 worldwide users rely on darts-ip to solve legal challenges, avoid legal pitfalls and win cases.


  • Develop and execute effective marketing campaigns targeted to legal and scientific/tech industries
  • Launch email campaigns, reports, webinars, and other relevant content
  • Work closely with the global marketing team, sales and other departments
  • Manage event/conference schedule and planning (e.g. registration, personnel, booth materials, design, literature, etc)
  • Maintain accuracy and efficiency in Salesforce and Pardot platforms
  • Coordinate content and design for print and digital marketing materials

Required skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Experience with CRM and Marketing Automation Tools (e.g. Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot)
  • Excellent writing and copy-editing skills
  • Experience producing social media content, webinars and other content-driven ways of reaching prospects and clients
  • Existing knowledge of legal industry or patents/trademarks highly advantageous
  • Ability to work remotely

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Darts-ip manages the largest and only global database of intellectual property case law. We gather cases from 135 different countries worldwide. Our clients search our database via our web-based search tool and we produce tailor-made reports on the data we gather. Our main clients are lawyers and corporates who use our information to protect their rights.

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