Senior Java Developer

Darts-ip is looking for a Senior Java Developer to join our existing Kolkata IT team, working with a global team of 10 experienced Java developers, DevOps and Solution Architects. Darts-ip, based in Brussels, is the global source of case law information in the field of Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, copyright, etc…). In India, we are Longbow Legal Services Pvt Limited which is a part of Darts-ip, based in Kolkata.

Using our services and dedicated search tools, our customers can quickly identify aggregate and project data to produce high-value reports to support their strategic decision-making in the field of Intellectual Property.

In the IT department, we develop solutions for both internal and external customers which span activities such as data collection, data processing, search and visualization tools as well as integration solutions and automated data extraction using machine learning algorithms.


  • Develop, implement, and maintain Java-based applications/scalable microservices (eg. Spring)
  • Maintaining/improving existing product application’s module
  • Refactor, debug and optimize software components
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Expertise in Java 8, Data structure, algorithms etc…


  • Completed university studies to degree level in a related subject (e.g. BE in Computer science, BCA/MCA)
  • Minimum professional experience of 6-7 years
  • Java 8
  • Spring-Boot, Hibernate
  • MySQL or any Relational Database
  • Design Patterns
  • RESTful Web Services
  • JUnit, Mockito, SpringBootTest
  • Knowledge of any front-end technology is an asset.
  • Knowledge of HtmlUnit library is an asset.


  • Self-motivated, with the ability to learn and work in a meticulous and organized manner
  • Communicate persuasively & should be fluent in English & proactive.
  • Impacts the business by the quality of own work and through the ability to deliver high quality and successful solutions within own area of expertise.
  • Organized & enthusiastic to learn new things & self-develop
  • Mastery of any other language.
  • Previous professional experience with Intellectual Property.


You will be part of a highly entrepreneurial and dedicated team. We offer a full-time position with a competitive package and an opportunity to be part of a company that is rapidly growing, innovating and evolving. The Position is based in Kolkata.


Please send a letter of introduction and your CV to

Darts -IP (Longbow Legal Services Pvt Limited)
Darts-ip,is based in Brussel, Belgium. Darts-IP is the global leader in the field of IP case law and analytics. We have numbers of modules from which our large database stand. Our development and data scientist team continously working on add more features and power of AI in our database.

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