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Global Intellectual Property Cases & Analytics

Darts-ip unveils insights that were previously unavailable on cases, companies, IP portfolios, and technologies to support legal and business strategies on a global scale. It took ten years to collect, analyze and build the right platform for users to access and benefit from millions of court documents from all over the world.

Cases Database

Find relevant cases and gain global insights. The first and only databases for intellectual property cases.

Reports & Analytics

Assess trends and answer critical questions based on Darts-ip global data.

Data Partnerships

Enrich your platform with facts from intellectual property cases.

Latest News

Top 10 Product Comparisons Worldwide

  Darts-ip’s newest report counting down the Top 10 Product Comparisons Worldwide, is now available.   Thanks to case law data extracted from the Darts-ip database, we've compiled a unique set of facts and figures ranking the most hotly debated...

Darts-ip and KATZAROV team up to provide a frame of reference for global IP case issues

  Darts-ip entered into a partnership with KATZAROV, augmenting Darts-ip’s global IP case law portfolio with KATZAROV’s expertise into over 200 jurisdictions. In order to contextualize the global dimensions of IP cases, it is crucial to understand...

Darts-ip’s global patent case law data is now available through Google Patents

More results, more details Patent portfolios are global and so are patent disputes, hence, patent professionals require a global view. Whether applying for a patent or preparing litigation, having a comprehensive overview of the case law related to...


Global Case Collection

Every day we collect cases from 3 499 courts in 65 countries around the world. We have assembled the largest and most up-to-date intellectual property cases database with 3 298 739 cases (as of 18 April 2018). Collecting methods range from face-to-face meetings with court clerks, scanning decisions in physical archives, to automated electronic downloads.

Data Capture & Enrichment

We spend an enormous amount of computer power (AI – artificial intelligence) to extract data such as date, court, parties, type of action, standard legal concepts, etc. In addition we are linking related cases, standardizing company names, creating company structures, verifying patent ownership, improving classifications, and more.

Local Legal Case Analysis

A team of more than 170 legal analysts around the world manually read cases and codify the advance legal information in each document. Our analysts are legal experts and master the local, legal subtleties. In addition, our customers play an important role in refining our analysis efforts.

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