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A message from our team to our valued customers in this difficult time: “Your needs are at the center of every action we take. That’s why our top priority is to provide you with exceptional IP prosecution and litigation data and analytics, while protecting the health and safety of our customers, partners, and teams.” To learn more about the measures we have taken please read this letter from our Managing Directors.

Cases by practice area


3 878 189 cases


1 737 476 cases

Domain Name

143 124 cases


191 908 cases

Design and Models

114 518 cases


Global Case Collection

Every day we collect cases from 3 681 courts in 140+ countries around the world. We have assembled the largest and most up-to-date intellectual property cases database with 5 907 836 cases (as of 4 July 2020). Collecting methods range from face-to-face meetings with court clerks, scanning decisions in physical archives, to automated electronic downloads.

Data Capture & Enrichment

We spend an enormous amount of computer power (AI – artificial intelligence) to extract data such as date, court, parties, type of action, standard legal concepts, etc. In addition we are linking related cases, standardizing company names, creating company structures, verifying patent ownership, improving classifications, and more.

Local Legal Case Analysis

A team of more than 170 legal analysts around the world manually read cases and codify the advance legal information in each document. Our analysts are legal experts and master the local, legal subtleties. In addition, our customers play an important role in refining our analysis efforts.

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