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Global Intellectual Property Cases & Analytics

Darts-ip unveils insights that were previously unavailable on cases, companies, IP portfolios, and technologies to support legal and business strategies on a global scale. It took ten years to collect, analyze and build the right platform for users to access and benefit from millions of court documents from all over the world.

Cases Database

Find relevant cases and gain global insights. The first and only global platform for intellectual property cases.

Reports & Analytics

Assess trends and answer critical questions based on Darts-ip global data.

Data Partnerships

Enrich your platform with facts from intellectual property cases.



2 055 683 cases
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1 313 222 cases
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Domain Name

86 870 cases
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80 987 cases
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Design & Model

82 448 cases
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Latest News

Darts-ip and IPlytics Join Forces To Provide Unique Insights into Standard-essential Patents.

Darts-ip is pleased to partner with the Berlin-based analytics firm, IPlytics, to provide IP practitioners with an unparalleled level of access to the world of Standard-essential Patents (SEPs).

Cosmetics Packaging Report

Darts-ip's newest publication exploring cosmetics packaging legislation worldwide is now publicly available: The cosmetics industry is by nature focused on aesthetics and outward appearance. From product functionality to the presentation:...

Immoral Trademarks Report

Based on a study of the data in Darts-ip’s global case law database, Darts-ip data scientists examined the worldwide legislation surrounding immoral trademarks.


Global Case Collection

Every day we collect cases from 3 571 courts in 65 countries around the world. We have assembled the largest and most up-to-date intellectual property cases database with 3 467 398 cases (as of 7 August 2018 ). Collection methods range from face-to-face meetings with court clerks, to scanning decisions in physical archives, to automated electronic downloads.

Data Capture & Enrichment

We leverage the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to extract data such as date, court, parties, type of action, and standard legal concepts. We link related cases, standardize company names, create company structures, verify patent ownership, improve classification and more. 

Local Legal Case Analysis

A team of more than 170 legal analysts around the world manually reads cases and codifies the advanced legal information in each document. Our analysts are legal experts and master the local, legal subtleties. In addition, our customers play an important role in refining our analysis efforts.

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