Darts-ip webinars



The basics of the designs & models database

Our designs and models database helps you at each stage of the life of your design or model whether you are:

  • registering a design
  • or involved in litigation

After this webinar, you will master the basic search strategies of the designs and models database to find the most relevant case law.

What? Webinar on the basic searches on the designs & models database

For whom? Beginner level

When? Thursday, October 5th, 10.30 AM (Brussels time – CEST)

How to search for complex verbal structures?

In this webinar, you will learn how to perform searches for complex verbal structures whether you use:

  • the advanced verbal search
  • or the general verbal search

After this webinar, you will be able to identify the perfect search strategy for your verbal conflict.

What? Webinar on complex verbal conflicts

For whom? Advanced level

When? Thursday, November 2, 10.30 AM (Brussels time – CEST)


How to use Darts-ip to find strategic case law and information in the pharma field?

The patent database is key when searching for cases or information in the pharma field. We will share several search strategies that will help you to find some strategic information in this field.

What? Webinar on the use of teh patent database for the pharma sector

For whom? Intermediate level

When? Friday, October 20th, 10.30 AM (Brussels time – CEST)

How to prepare your infringement cases with Darts-ip?

In this webinar, we will go through relevant searches to be made within the context of an infringement litigation, especially the use of specific points of law relating to this topic.

What? Webinar on the use of the points of law in an infringement litigation

For whom? Intermediate level

When? Friday, November 24th, 10.30 AM (Brussels time, CEST)


You missed our webinars and would like to catch up?

All our webinars are available through the dedicated page. You will find the recording and the training guide of each webinar.


“Very good Webinar, great format, length, and very informative.”

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