Past webinars

Competition & technology monitoring with Darts-ip

The use of the search tools covered in this webinar are structured on 3 key aspects: competitor, technology and pending cases monitoring. Mastering the advanced search strategies is key when monitoring.

How to use Darts-ip for EPO decisions

The use of the patent database is key when you’re monitoring the EPO cases whether you are interested into the definition of a term by EPO or by a specific/multiple legal topic(s) discussed by a (specific) board of EPO.

New search strategies with Darts-ip 5.4

This webinar focuses on the search strategies possible with the release of Darts-ip 5.4. Our new tools also help you to identify commercial opportunities.

The US patent case law database for non-US practitioners

With this webinar, you will be able to gather patent information in the US, know what has impacted your competitors and your technological field. You will also learn to find relevant US patent case law.

Pharma specific searches

This webinar has been designed for IP specialists active in the pharmaceutical industry and focuses on how to get global insight and find relevant case law for the pharmaceutical industry.

How to prepare your patent infringement cases with Darts-ip

This webinar focuses on how you can leverage Darts-ip in the context of your patent infringement cases. We will present different tools that can be used when preparing your infringement cases.

Claim construction and damages search tools

This session aims to explain two specific tools in the Darts-ip patent case law database. You will see how these tabs can be used when searching for discussions related to damages or definitions of terms/phrasing.

Prepare your invalidity action with Darts-ip

This session aims to explain how you can leverage Darts-ip to prepare your invalidity action or construct your counterclaim on validity within an infringement action.

India for EP practitioners

This webinar focuses on how Darts-ip can guide you through the Indian jurisdictions and help you extract invaluable information from the Indian section of the Darts-ip case law database.