Top 10 Product Comparisons Worldwide

May 9, 2018 / Blog, Report
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Darts-ip’s newest report counting down the Top 10 Product Comparisons Worldwide, is now available.

Thanks to case law data extracted from the Darts-ip database, we’ve compiled a unique set of facts and figures ranking the most hotly debated decisions concerning product comparisons.

Our data set, which helped us generate this “Top 10” list, compiled cases from the very beginning of our collection in 2000 through the end of 2017. For your convenience, arguments defending and challenging similarity, as described by some of the decisions, have been captured. For some of the “couples” listed in this report, there are very few discrepancies between countries or areas, whereas for others, the outcome may very well surprise you!


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Author : The Darts-ip team

About Darts-ip:

Darts-ip is a worldwide data provider of intellectual property cases. Based in Brussels and privately held, Darts-ip is the largest known database of its kind, with unsurpassed coverage of all major jurisdictions in the EU and all other regions of the world. With over 3 million cases gathered from more than 3,000 courts worldwide, Darts-ip is the authority in IP cases data. It is used on a daily basis by leading law firms, corporate counsel, and courts alike. Darts-ip combines the efforts of machine learning and IP specialists to extract, compile and analyze, quantitatively and qualitatively, all available information in cases documents. This unique collection of information can be accessed through the Darts- ip case search web application and is also the basis for the production of statistical reports. Darts-ip has released a series of reports over the years on Patent litigation activity in different regions of the world.

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About the Report:

©  Darts-ip. The data on which this article is based is extracted from the Darts-ip case database.

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