Cosmetics Packaging Report

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Darts-ip’s newest publication exploring cosmetics packaging legislation worldwide is now publicly available:

The cosmetics industry is by nature focused on aesthetics and outward appearance. From product functionality to the presentation: appearance is key.

The industry is highly competitive when it comes to approaching their target audience, as people need to be made aware of a brand that must have a certain standing and image. This is translated into the industry’s marketing, where makeup commercials and the intricate designs of perfume bottles are just a few examples that show the importance of presentation.

Cosmetics industry actors are not only seeking to secure a place between (and ideally above) other actors but need to ensure the protection of the carefully crafted image. A brand image is by nature multifaceted. For this particular report, we have focused our analysis on cosmetics product packaging.


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About the Report:

In intellectual property, there are three possible fields of focus when it comes to packaging: trademarks, designs and copyright. Thanks to their potentially infinite protection, trademark rights on packaging (shapes) are most useful but can be difficult to obtain. Design rights are perhaps the most suitable for protecting packaging but are inherently limited as they lapse after a maximum of 25 years. A copyright is the broadest right but might sometimes be hard to prove against third parties. Due to the fact that the amount of copyright cases for this particular area is limited, and because copyright is mostly added as a fallback claim in shape mark and design right cases related to packaging, copyrights have not been included in this report.

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