New Qualcomm vs Apple Cases (July 2017)

New Qualcomm vs Apple Cases (July 2017)

July 23, 2017 / Landing Page

Qualcomm and Apple are busy with new patent cases in foreign jurisdictions this month (July 2017)

Average Procedure Duration in Germany based onĀ  sample data subset. Contact Darts-ip for a custom report quote.

Darts-ip is tracking five (potentially related) cases this month involving smart phone giants, Qualcomm and Apple. Qualcomm filed two patent infringement lawsuits against Apple in Munich and Mannheim. Courts in Germany tend to be plaintiff-friendly with a ~60% and higher win rate in these two courts. Not to mention a bifurcated system that often benefits the plaintiff. This means that infringement and the validity of a patent are decided separately before two different courts.

Three hearings were also scheduled this month involving the two parties in Tokyo that were filed by Apple (action type TBD). Set up alerts in darts-ip to stay tuned on the patents involved, if the are connected, the nature of the case and and upcoming decisions. 

Darts-ip has over 2.6m IP cases from 3,000+ courts around the world. The original complaints are either unlawful or very difficult to access in these two particular regions and requires boots on the ground to monitor the hearing schedule and stay up to date.

Contact darts-ip to learn more about the about how to track parties, and find data on procedure duration, win rates, industry considerations and legal trends for Germany, Japan, and/or any other IP market worldwide.

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