Darts-ip’s global patent case law data will be available through Minesoft and RWS’ patent search and analysis platform: PatBase

September 16, 2018 / Blog, Homepage news, Press Release

Darts-ip is proud to continue expanding partnerships and building new connections. Darts-ip’s newest collaboration comes through a partnership with PatBase, with the aim to provide integrated patent case law research capabilities. Darts-ip’s global patent case law database, covering almost 2 million patent cases from more than 3500 IP courts, will complement PatBase’s coverage of over 61 million patent families including over 120 million patent and related documents from over 105 issuing authorities.

Whether applying for a patent, preparing a litigation risk assessment or conducting a freedom to operate search, having a comprehensive worldwide overview of the case law related to a patent family is crucial. By combining unique global coverage, Darts-ip and PatBase will provide an all inclusive information repository for patent professionals.”, commented Eric Sergheraert Darts-ip Legal Patent Manager.

Each platform will maintain their specialisation, with the partnership creating a smoother crossover user search experience. In addition to the full patent information provided by PatBase, search results will include Darts-ip’s indication of litigious cases, if any, in existence for a patent family. This integration will provide a two tiered access for users.

At the first level, all PatBase users will receive, as of the rollout, indications of a patent or entire patent family’s involvement in litigation and oppositions, including the country where the action is located. The second level of access for users of both PatBase and Darts-ip will provide a display and analysis tool, allowing users to not only identify litigious patent but view all related case law information. From first action to final ruling, users will be able to see plaintiffs, defendants, damages, first action and closing date and much more.

Ann Chapman-Daniel, co-founder and Managing Director of Minesoft underlined that, “Darts-ip will help PatBase clients access, unravel and leverage the power of this hard-to-find litigation data and complements the enhanced Legal Status data module we added last year. We look forward to working with Darts-ip, whose data we admire and know is hard to gather from the variety of international sources required”.

The technical integration and rollout will be announced at a later date. Immediately following the rollout PatBase queries will include an indication, when available, of the presence of a litigious case around a patent family, level two users will enjoy a full access to the relevant patent text and case law information.

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