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March 12, 2019 / General

We are looking for a US trained attorney with IP experience.  This is a non-traditional legal career opportunity.  This position will lead the development of the rapidly growing and brand new Copyright module.  In addition, this person will be expected to lend expertise to all phases of US operations including providing guidance and support in the Patents and Trademarks modules.  Demonstrated leadership, ability to lead an independent project, and previous management experience are preferred.  4-6 weeks of International travel is required per year. 

Characteristics Sought:

  • JD from US law school
  • IP experience: especially Copyright
  • Leadership/management experience – demonstrated ability to manage a team, achieve results, track and communicate progress, identify and address unexpected roadblocks.
  • Self-starter – demonstrated ability to launch and complete a complex project
  • Must travel, 4-6 weeks of international travel, (usually 2X 2-3 weeks), per year.
  • Preferred (but not required) candidates in Salt Lake City. Much of the work will be done remotely.

Primary Responsibility:

  • Lead the growth and development of a database of US Copyright legal decisions
  • Advise, and train others regarding legal analysis of US Copyright laws including administrative and procedural issues.
  • Create well-organized project goals, communicate progress to a variety of stakeholders
  • Long-distance, virtual office

You will part of a highly diverse and dedicated team.  We offer a unique opportunity to use your law degree in a non-traditional legal environment.  You will be part of an emerging company that is growing and evolving.


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