Darts-ip and KATZAROV team up to provide a frame of reference for global IP case issues

April 2, 2018 / Blog, Homepage news, Press Release


Darts-ip entered into a partnership with KATZAROV, augmenting Darts-ip’s global IP case law portfolio with KATZAROV’s expertise into over 200 jurisdictions.

In order to contextualize the global dimensions of IP cases, it is crucial to understand the specifics of the local jurisdiction they take place in. Darts-ip will integrate links to jurisdictional information into our database from KATZAROV, editor and publisher over the past ninety years of KATZAROV’s Manual on Industrial Property. This information, referenced by IP domain type and country of litigation, will guide users to the relevant legal framework applicable to each specific case.

The integration of this information will allow for stronger monitoring and preparation tools for all members of the Darts-ip community. In addition to the litigation details, community members will be granted access to KATZAROV’s Manual platform, and gain crucial insight into the country’s IP regime and information highlighting key aspects about jurisdictions with which they may not be familiar, such as:

  • the international and regional conventions to which a given country is member state,
  • references to the latest applicable legislation
  • conditions and requirements for prosecuting and enforcing local IP rights, and more.  

KATZAROV and Darts-ip are natural partners, with complementary global information assets.  While KATZAROV provides legal services and knowledge on how to navigate foreign jurisdictions to obtain and enforce IP rights, Darts-ip provides an extensive IP case law database encompassing trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names and designs and models.

“We’re very proud to work with Katzarov, who for nearly a hundred years has provided the most reliable and up-to-date jurisdictional overview possible. Integrating their data is a natural extension of case law results on the Darts-ip database, allowing users to find everything they need in one place. It’s just practical!” Claire Fobe, Darts-ip Global Legal Content Manager, commented.

This new feature will be rolled out in May, 2018 for all members of the Darts-ip community.



About Darts-ip

Darts-ip is the global intellectual property (“IP”) cases & analytics provider. With over 3 million cases gathered from over 3000 courts worldwide, Darts-ip is the global reference in IP case law.  Darts-ip unveils insights that were previously unavailable on cases, companies, IP portfolios, and technologies to support legal and business strategies on a global scale. It took ten years to collect, analyze and build the right platform for users to access and benefit from millions of court documents from all over the world.  Darts-ip covers all main IP domains with patents, trademarks, design & models, domain names, copyrights, and unfair competition. Over 30.000 Lawyers, attorneys, corporate counsels, but also judges and examiners from around the world rely on its services to strengthen arguments and be more confident in their choices. Darts-ip cases information is uniquely structured as data is extracted from each individual decision by the combined efforts of our machine learning algorithms and our IP specialists.

For more information visit www.Darts-ip.com or contact us at news@Darts-ip.com


KATZAROV is one of the foremost intellectual property firms in Switzerland. Since 1924 it has edited and published KATZAROV’s Manual on Industrial Property, which provides key IP information covering over 200 jurisdictions. KATZAROV’s Manual on Industrial Property has acquired a worldwide reputation and is now a must-have tool for international private and corporate IP practitioners. In addition to gathering and sharing such invaluable knowledge with its peers, the firm represents a large number of domestic and international clients both in Switzerland, Europe and before foreign intellectual property authorities. Additionally, the firm acts as the hub of a worldwide network of partners dealing with intellectual property. KATZAROV’s expertise and long-established contacts in the countries still commonly referred to as Eastern Europe as well as Asian countries enable them to protect and defend their clients’ IP rights in the most effective way.

For more information visit http://www.katzarov.com/en/ tp://www.katzarov-manual.com/ or contact admin@katzarov.com


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