Litigation Landscape of Standard-Essential Patents

June 5, 2019 / レポート
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The “Litigation Landscape of Standard-Essential Patents” report provides the first and only truly comprehensive overview of global patent litigation related to standard-essential patents (SEPs).SEP Litigation Landscape Report

It is the result of the ever-growing interest in understanding the behavior and litigation patterns of SEP holders, and it aims to provide global insights, trends and comparative perspectives into the SEP litigation world, by using Darts-ip’s wealth of litigation information while leveraging IPlytics SEP related data.

Standard-essential patents are on the rise, almost 7 times more SEPs were declared in 2017 than in 2002. Similarly, litigation concerning these patents has risen dramatically, resulting in almost 9 times more litigated SEPs during the same time period.


著者 : Darts-ip and IPlytics

About IPlytics

IPlytics Platform is an IP intelligence tool that augments the analysis of technology landscapes and a company’s competitive position. IPlytics Platform goes beyond patent data by linking and processing more than 90 million patents to 4 million standards, 280,000 standard-essential patents, 60 million scientific articles and 4 million company/startup profiles on one single platform.

IPlytics Platform helps users to perform analysis in the fields of patent valuation, patent essentiality analysis, patent or standards landscaping, as well as trends in patent transfer or litigation information. The intuitive graphical interface allows users to easily navigate, analyse and drill down into full-text information, enabling in-depth technology analysis or a long-term monitoring of market segments.

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About Darts-ip:

Darts-ip is a worldwide data provider of intellectual property cases. Based in Brussels and privately held, Darts-ip is the largest known database of its kind, with unsurpassed coverage of all major jurisdictions in the EU and all other regions of the world. With over 3 million cases gathered from more than 3,000 courts worldwide, Darts-ip is the authority in IP cases data. It is used on a daily basis by leading law firms, corporate counsel, and courts alike. Darts-ip combines the efforts of machine learning and IP specialists to extract, compile and analyze, quantitatively and qualitatively, all available information in cases documents. This unique collection of information can be accessed through the Darts- ip case search web application and is also the basis for the production of statistical reports. Darts-ip has released a series of reports over the years on Patent litigation activity in different regions of the world.



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