Global Copyright Cases Database

Global Copyright Cases Database

203 332 Copyright Cases, 3 692 Courts

Darts-ip provides the largest and only global databases dedicated to Intellectual Property cases. Cases are gathered in five domains of intellectual property: patents, trademarks, design and models, copyrights and domain names.


Why do you need a global copyright cases database?

Case law has strong potential in your toolbox, but let’s face it, its research is painful and time consuming. You have to go through different sources to get limited results and fragmented information. It’s so burdensome that you only resort to it when you absolutely must. Only a global structured copyright cases database with copyright-specific search tools can help you leverage the full power of case law.


How can the Darts-ip Copyright Cases Database help you?

Our users leverage the power of case law at every step of the life of a copyright. From monitoring to litigation, see how our powerful search tools can be used to make decisions with more confidence.


Monitor Copyright Cases

Find landmark cases that set precedent in both common law and civil law jurisdiction. Stay informed on evolving landmark rulings around the world.

Establish viability

Run simple searches through our catalogue to view artwork that has been granted copyright protection and, in the case of exclusion, what is the reasoning.
Examine Infringement

Monitor ongoing prosecution and litigation involving Copyright violations on a global scale. For example, examine what reasons have been set out for secondary liability (streaming, platforms, search tools).

Find the right legal basis

The copyright ownership of an employer or an employee varies widely between common law and civil law systems. Cross reference common and civil law cases to confirm your legal basis.


Identify Similarities

Compare the reasoning of judges to easily identify similarities in civil and common law cases.


Monitor ongoing prosecution and litigation involving Copyright violations anywhere in the world. For example, what percentage of criminal actions can be linked to piracy.

Anticipate Legal Pitfalls

Follow discussions, from both common law and civil law tradition, to understand different legal standards for recognising a Copyright protection.

Benefit from the collective global experience of others, reduce the risk of your Copyright protection not being recognised.


Evaluate Potential Damages

Use case documents to compare damages awarded on a global scale.


Complaints, hearings, decisions, and settlements

In addition to the decisions, Darts-ip also gathers critical documents such as complaints, hearings, and settlements when available. This means users can learn the existence of a new case before it reaches a decision. Also, you’re not missing on cases that settle when the information is made available. Copyright cases are collected from over 3 692 courts worldwide. As intellectual property has become a global matter, Darts-ip data helps users see the full picture by making global copyright cases completely accessible


Copyrights - data extracted

Once a document is gathered, such as a decision, it’s analyzed by a local copyright specialist. Our global team of analysts read case documents every day and extract precious data from them. When we extract data from legal documents, intellectual property cases become data that is accessible, searchable, and mineable.

  • Courts : Search decisions of specific courts.
  • Party Names : Search by name (as plaintiff or defendant).
  • Type of Action : Infringement , action linked to a contract or criminal actions.
  • Points of Law : Search decisions by legal topic (originality,  authorship,  reproduction, neighboring rights, etc…)
  • Dates & Reference : Search decisions by date, date range or the commonly used name of a particular case.
  • Outcome : Who won or lost the case.
  • Artworks : All copyright protected works are cataloged by type of work and relevant comparisons.
  • Settlement : Was the action withdrawn, and was it through a settlement?

Tailor-made search tools – copyright

Copyright professionals require insights to both civil and common law case documents. Such a large data set can make it hard to find and utilize what you need. Our purpose built catalog and cross-referenced points of law make finding the right cases easy.

Case Name

Search for decisions not just by reference number but by the commonly used case name.

Points of Law

Search for decisions containing substantive discussions on specific points-of-law, with civil and common law cross-referenced in a unique comprehensive search tool.

Search by Artwork

Use our purpose-built catalog to search for specific artworks and surrounding litigation.

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