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Darts-ip provides the largest and only global databases dedicated to trademark cases. With 2 002 353 cases gathered thus far, it is often far more complete than any local database and provides access to the entire world of trademark case law.

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2 002 353

Trademark Cases

3 142



Our users leverage the power of cases at every step of the life of a trademark. From “Anticipation” to “Litigation”, see how our powerful search tools can be used to make decisions with more confidence.

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  • Infringement
    • shoppingLitigate in the Right Place (Forum shopping)+
    • Find the killer argument+
  • Cancellation
    • wellknownIdentify a well-known trademark+
    • actionFind if and how a trademark has been used (Genuine use)+
  • Opposition
    • oponentKnow your opponent’s experience, strategies, and aggressiveness+
    • publicAssess the attention level of the relevant public+
    • similarityPerform similarity checks between trademarks and/or goods or services+
  • Ex-officio
    • refute-2Refute an examiner’s objection+
  • Anticipation
    • monitoringMonitor your competitors and know your clients+
    • anticipateAnticipate legal pitfalls+
    • availabilityDetermine the classes for your availability search+

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In addition to the decisions, Darts-ip also gathers critical documents such as complaints, hearings, and settlements when available. This means users can learn the existence of a new case before it reaches a decision. Also, you’re not missing on cases that settle when the information is made available.

Trademark cases are collected from over 1,100 courts worldwide. As intellectual property has become a global matter, Darts-ip data helps users see the full picture by making global trademark cases completely accessible.




Once a document is gathered, such as a decision, it’s analyzed by a local trademark specialist. Globally, a team of more than 170 analysts read case documents every day and extract precious data from them. When we extract data from legal documents, intellectual property cases becomes data that is accessible, searchable, and mineable.


Search decisions of specific courts.

Party Names

Search by name (as plaintiff or defendant).

Type of Action

Infringement , action linked to a contract or criminal actions.

Points of Law

Search decisions by legal topic (originality,  authorship,  reproduction, neighboring rights, etc…)


Search by trademark name or figurative element

Nice Classes

Search cases by selecting or excluding nice class


Who won or lost the case.

Products Compared

Search decisions based on the set of products or services compared in the decision


Was the action withdrawn, and was it through a settlement?

Relevant Public

Search decisions discussing the level of attention of the relevant public




The larger the database, the harder it is to find what you are looking for. When it comes to trademarks, multiple filters enable you to find the right cases.

Verbal Comparison

Search for decisions that have assessed the similarity between two trademarks by comparing their verbal characteristics.

Type Comparison

Search for decisions that have assessed the similarity between two trademarks by comparing their type (word mark, figurative, 3D,…)

Concept Comparison

Search for decisions that have assessed the similarity between two trademarks by comparing their concepts.

Goods & Services Comparison

Search for decisions that have assessed the similarity between goods, services or classes.

Relevant Public

Search for decisions that have assessed the relevant public of a certain product/service, and their level of attention.

Points of Law

Search for decisions containing substantive discussions on specific points-of-law.

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