Patent Cases Collection Coverage

Patent Cases Collection Coverage

Darts-ip manages the largest database of intellectual property case law and is the only one of its kind to offer global coverage. Cases are gathered in four domains of intellectual property: patents, trademarks, design and models, and domain names.

Patent Cases Collection Coverage as of 20 August 2018

Optimal coverage: Complete or best coverage available. Full search capabilities as decisions have been analysed.

High coverage: High number of cases covered. Legal analysis underway and hence mainly non-legal search options available.

Building coverage: Collection of cases started. Free-text searching criteria available as analysis in most cases is not sufficient yet.


55 213
  • Regional
    • All EPO Boards and Divisions (since 1981) Optimal coverage
    • CJCE (ECJ) (since 1981)Optimal coverage
  • Countries
    • Austria (since 1984)  High coverage
    • Belgium (since 1998)  Optimal coverage
    • Czech Republic (since 2000)Optimal coverage
    • Denmark (since 1998)  Optimal coverage
    • Estonia (since 2009)  Optimal coverage
    • Finland (as early as 1988)  Optimal coverage
    • France (since 1993)  Optimal coverage
    • Germany (as early as 1976)  Optimal coverage
    • Hungary (since 2004)  Optimal coverage
    • Ireland (since 2001)  Optimal coverage
    • Italy (as early as 1984)  Optimal coverage
    • Luxembourg (since 2006)High coverage
    • Norway (since 2007)  Optimal coverage
    • Poland (since 1997)  Optimal coverage
    • Portugal (since 1975)  High coverage
    • Romania (since 2003)  Optimal coverage
    • Slovakia (since 2008)  Optimal coverage
    • Slovenia (since 2000)  Optimal coverage
    • Spain (as early as 1915)  Optimal coverage
    • Sweden (since 1998)  Optimal coverage
    • Switzerland (since 1970)  Optimal coverage
    • The Netherlands (as early as 1987)  Optimal coverage
    • United Kingdom (as early as 1955)  Optimal coverage

North America

2 696
  • USA (as early as 1807) Optimal coverage
  • Canada (since 1997) Optimal coverage


275 777
    • China (as early as 1970)Optimal coverage
    • India (as early as 1879) Optimal coverage
    • Taiwan (since 2001) Optimal coverage
    • Japan (as early as 1948) Optimal coverage
    • South Korea (as early as 1995)Optimal coverage
    • Philippines (since 2014)High coverage
    • Hong Kong (as early as 1968)Optimal coverage
    • Singapore (as early as 1967)Optimal coverage
    • Thailand (since 1988) Optimal coverage
    • Malaysia (since 2008) High coverage

Central and South America

199 450
  • Regional
    • TJCAN Optimal coverage
  • Countries
    • ArgentinaBuilding coverage
    • Brazil (since 2000)Optimal coverage
    • Chile (since 2014) Optimal coverage
    • Colombia (since 2010)Optimal coverage
    • Costa RicaBuilding coverage
    • Mexico (since 2007)Optimal coverage
    • Peru (since 2009)High coverage
    • UruguayBuilding coverage
    • VenezuelaBuilding coverage


3 599
  • Australia (as early as 1886)Optimal coverage
  • New Zealand (since 1996)Optimal coverage


  • South AfricaHigh coverage


  • Israel (since 1971)Optimal coverage
  • Turkey (since 2001)Optimal coverage

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