Global Patent Cases Database

Global Patent Cases Database

Darts-ip is the leading source of global patent case data, litigation trends and insights. With 1 891 633 patent cases gathered thus far, it is far more complete than any local database and provides access to global patent litigation data, trends, and insights.

Access the Largest Patent Cases Database

We have the largest database for global patent cases. We gather case information from over 140 countries worldwide. Darts-ip is the only global patent cases database you’ll need.

1 891 633 Patent Cases & 3 692 Courts


Why do you need a global patent cases database?

Global patent case data and litigation insights have strong potential in your toolbox, but let’s face it, the research is often painful and time-consuming.

You have to access different sources to get limited results and fragmented information. It can be so burdensome that you only resort to it when you absolutely must.

Only a global structured patent cases database with patent-specific search tools can help you leverage the full power of case data, trends, and insights.

Patents – value at every step

Our users leverage the power of cases at every step of the life of a patent. From “Anticipation” to “Litigation”, see how our powerful search tools can be used to make decisions with more confidence. Click on the different links to see more details.



Find the killer argument

Find the US cases where a given judge, Mr. Justice Thomas, discussed the definition of the knowledge of the skilled person, relevant to assessing sufficiency of disclosure.


Claim construction / definition of terms

Find decisions where a term (e.g., “effective amount“ or “consisting essentially of ”) has been defined by a judge or an examiner, exclusively in your specific industry.


Forum shopping

Build your litigation strategy based on comparisons among criteria such as win rates, reversal rate in appeal, or length of procedure in your technical domain and across different jurisdictions.


Patent family search

When challenging a patent (e.g., JP3058351), look up whether any member of this patent family was challenged elsewhere in the world and on what grounds.


Pending action

Is there any pending action (complaint or hearing) involving your main competitor, in any major IP forum in the world?


Sharpen your arguments

Once you’ve identified your argument on “Lack of Clarity”, sharpen it by discovering how a specific USPTO examiner looked at this criterion in the past.


Refute examiner's objection

Find the strongest arguments in case law that allow you to challenge the EPO examiner’s objections on a legal issue such as “obviousness in combination invention”.


Competition monitoring

Monitor past and ongoing prosecution or litigation involving competitors anywhere in the world. For example, Gilead as a plaintiff in an infringement action anywhere in the world.


Technology monitoring

Monitor and assess litigiousness of patent clusters around specific technologies based on IPC classes (e.g., A61K 31/502) or a list of patents you’ve saved.


NPE monitoring

Check the number of complaints or hearings involving an NPE as a plaintiff in the telecommunications industry over the past year.


Anticipate patent refusal risks

Read discussions on the validity of preceding patents related to similar inventions. Benefit from others’ experience, and reduce the risk of your patent being refused.


Freedom to operate

Evaluate the patents that are obstacles to the launch of a new product in the semi-conductor industry. Know which patents were challenged, on what grounds, and what the outcome was.

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The search tools you need to find the relevant cases in minutes

Because our sole focus is on IP cases, we have developed the tools patent specialists need to search and find exactly what they are looking for.

Data Extraction is the Key

Once a document is gathered, such as a decision, it’s analyzed by a local patent specialist. When we extract data from legal documents, patent cases documents become data that is accessible, searchable, and mineable.


What can darts-ip do for my company?

Know your market

What companies are active in a specific field? Who is aggressive? What patents are most challenged and by whom?


What procedures have been launched and where? Be ready to act on potential invalidity decisions. Where should you act next, based on a specific invalidity reason? On which grounds have similar patents been revoked?

Negotiate better

How often does a counterparty settle and in what amounts? With our settlement search tool, find powerful information to help you negotiate better.


Get daily alerts on any new cases or decisions involving your competitor(s) or on a technology, a specific patent and its family, a client, an active ingredient, a court, and more.

Perform due diligence

How strong is a patent portfolio? Does a company have any ongoing litigation?

Risk assessment

What damages have been granted in similar cases? What is the average duration of an action? What are your chances to reverse a decision? How experienced is a competitor and their representatives? What are their success rates?

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