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Global Cases Database – Domain Names

Darts-ip provides the largest and only global databases dedicated to Intellectual Property cases. Cases are gathered in six domains of intellectual property: domain names, patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, and design and models.


Domain names cases database - key facts

146 613 cases from 2 360 courts around the world

Dedicated team of legal analysts

Years of experience designing search interfaces

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Domain names – value at every step

Our users leverage the power of cases at every step of the life of a domain name. From “Anticipation” to “Litigation”, see how our powerful search tools can be used to make decisions with more confidence.

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Complaints, hearings, decisions, and settlements

In addition to the decisions, Darts-ip also gathers critical documents such as complaints, hearings, and settlements when available. This means users can learn the existence of a new case before it reaches a decision. Also, you’re not missing on cases that settle when the information is made available.

Domain name cases are collected from over 1,900 courts worldwide. As intellectual property has become a global matter, Darts-ip data helps users see the full picture by making global domain name cases completely accessible.

Domain names - data extracted

Once a document is gathered, such as a decision, it’s analyzed by a local domain names specialist.
Globally, a team of more than 170 analysts read case documents every day and extract precious data from them.
When we extract data from legal documents, intellectual property cases becomes data that is accessible, searchable, and mineable.


Tailor-made search tools – domain names

The larger the database, the harder it is to find what you are looking for. When it comes to domain names, multiple filters enable you to find the right cases.

Domain Name Search

Search for decisions involving a specific disputed domain name, woldwide.

Type of Right

Search for decisions involving a specific type of right.

Top-Level Domain

Search for decisions involving a specific top-level domain.

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