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With 4 915 237 cases gathered from 3 891 different courts worldwide, Darts-ip is the largest and most complete database for global intellectual property cases. The sophisticated search interface allows you to search for cases around the world based on a number of IP criteria and issues.

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3 096 799 cases


1 579 942 cases

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135 321 cases


153 985 cases

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105 583 cases


The global database for IP cases

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Intellectual Property cases are collected from 3 891 courts worldwide. As intellectual property has become a global matter, Darts-ip data helps users see the full picture by making global IP cases completely accessible.


How we do it

Collection & Analysis

It took ten years to collect, analyze and build the right platform for users to access and benefit from millions of court documents from all over the world.Darts-ip cases information is uniquely structured as data is extracted from each individual decision by the combined efforts of our machine learning algorithms and our IP specialists.

Globally, a team of more than 170 analysts read IP case law documents every day and extract precious data from them. When we extract data from legal documents, IP case law becomes data that is accessible, searchable, and mineable.

Our unique data set combined with years of sorting out complex issues enables you to have a clear, high level view of intellectual property issue world wide.

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