Darts-ip and incoPat partner to provide global patent case law data to Chinese users


October 10, 2019 Darts-ip and incoPat are pleased to announce a new international data partnership. Through this agreement, Darts-ip and incoPat will bring unprecedented access to patent litigation information to Chinese IP practitioners. Darts-ip’s global patent case law database, covering almost 2 million patent cases from more than 3500 IP courts, will complement incoPat’s strong database of over 120 million pieces of patent information from 120 authorities.



“China is the global leader in terms of patent applications. With so much patent data being published, practitioners need advanced tools to find what they are looking for. As a leader in their field and fellow legal-tech pioneer, it was natural for us to form a partnership with incoPat  We are pleased to make our global prosecution and litigation information available to incoPat users.”Mihnea Hanganu, Head of Data – Darts-ip



Each platform will maintain their specialisation and unique user interfaces. However, the litigation data collected and analysed by Darts-ip will be displayed in the results of incoPat queries, allowing a smoother crossover user search experience. 



“The core value of the patent database is the integration of multi-channel data. By accessing data from Darts-ip, Chinese and even global incoPat users can directly obtain patent litigation tips from more than 100 countries, which will enhance the analytical horizons of patent searchers. Helping innovative companies make the right decisions in the process of opening up overseas markets. ” commented CHEN Weiran. Vice President – incoPat.


The technical implementation of this partnership was tested during the end of Q3 2019, as of today it is fully rolled-out and accessible to incoPat users. With this integration, all incoPat users will receive information of a patent or entire patent family’s involvement in litigation and oppositions, including the jurisdiction where the action is located. 

Historically, tracking IP litigation has been a labour-intensive, time-consuming task. With this partnership and data-integration, incoPat and Darts-ip dramatically reduce the time needed for practitioners in China to fully analyse litigation/prosecution data and centralise patent data into one platform. 



Darts-ip, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, provides global information and analytics that support IP prosecution and litigation activities. Through our platform, IP professionals gain unparalleled insights into IP rights, companies, jurisdictions, legal topics and market trends.

Darts-ip users can quickly search and track nearly 5 million cases covering trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs & models, domain names, and unfair competition. A dedicated team of local legal experts, in partnership with cutting-edge AI and machine learning tools, extract key data points from every case.

From prosecutors to litigators, R&D to business intelligence experts, Darts-ip’s smart tools help win cases, build strategies and identify new opportunities.

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BEIJING INCOPAT CO., LTD, a global intellectual property information service vendor, dedicates to the deep integration and value mining of intellectual property data.

incoPat global patent database(short as incoPat), self-developed by BEIJING INCOPAT, collects more than 130 million patents from 120 countries. Patents on incoPat has been translated for users do patent search in English, Chinese and original language.

incoPat also processes value-added data like legal status, litigation, industry & commerce information, technology operation, custom record, communication standards, declassified national defense patents, etc.

incoPat combines the technology of AI with IP to realize functions like semantic search, landscape analysis, and hotspot prediction, super drawing, graph search which are widely welcomed by patent database users.

whenever you want to keep up with the latest technologies, avoid patent infringement risks, grasp the R&D trends of competitors or realize the business value of Intellectual Property, incoPat will always be here providing you with comprehensive, accurate and timely intelligence.

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