Darts-ip’s global patent case law data is now available through PatSeer’s patent research platform

April 23, 2018 / Blog, Homepage news, Press Release

Gridlogics and Darts-ip are pleased to announce a new partnership, which will provide users of Gridlogics’ patent research platform PatSeer integrated access to global patent litigation data, sourced from Darts-ip’s case law database.  

Patent portfolios are global and so are patent disputes, hence, patent professionals require a global view. Whether applying for a patent or preparing litigation, having a comprehensive overview of the case law related to a patent family is crucial. Darts-ip will provide its unique case law data and litigation history with PatSeer search results, providing users integrated access to patent text and case law information.

“We are pleased to partner with Darts-ip for their worldwide patent litigation information. PatSeer users can now accurately identify the patents that are litigated or opposed in any technology area of interest and leverage this information in their IP strategies”, said Manish Sinha, Chief Technology Officer at Gridlogics.

Indication of litigious cases on PatSeer’s interface

This cooperation will increase the patent information delivered with each PatSeer search. In addition to the full patent text provided by PatSeer, search results will include an indication of litigious cases, if any, in existence for a patent family. Users will be able to navigate to Darts-ip’s dedicated page to view the continent they took place in and the type of action (judicial/administrative/arbitration).

Darts-ip community members who run searches through PatSeer will not only be able to see if a patent family is litigious, but have direct access to all the relevant litigation history on Darts-ip.

“By combining our resources, Darts-ip and PatSeer provide users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding the status and strength of patents of interest in their field. For example within a Freedom-to-Operate: PatSeer’s highly developed patent research platform allows you to efficiently identify relevant patents, while Darts-ip reveals information as to whether these patents have been enforced, challenged, amended or even revoked in court”, commented Eric Sergheraert Darts-ip Legal Patent Manager.

The technical integration and rollout are effective immediately. PatSeer queries will now include a notification, when available, indicating the presence of a litigious case around a patent family. Darts-ip community members enjoy a full access to the patent text and case law documents.

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