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Explore our Insights Function

This video explores our Insights Function. Perform a simple search in the trademark database and access graphs interactive.

Image Search tool

Explore Darts-ip image search tool by simply upload an image or trademark into the Darts-ip plateform.

Trademark registration

Discover how Darts-ip helps you for your trademark registration.

Goods and services comparison

Find decisions where products and/or services have been compared between two trademarks.

Verbal comparison

Find decisions where the similarity between trademarks has been assessed by comparing their verbal characteristics.


Discover how Darts-ip helps you to monitor your competitors, clients, trademarks portfolio, …

Trademark opposition

Discover how Darts-ip helps you for your trademark opposition.

Search by party and save an alert

Find decisions by company name and save an alert to be sure you don’t miss any important information

CJEU and Dixit Curia

Discover how Darts-ip helps you to have a better understanding of European Instances caselaw with Dixit Curia.

Discover our tailor-made tools for patent specialists

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