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Explore our Insights Function

This video explores our Insights Function. Perform a simple search in the Patent database and access 4 graphs.

Complete your FTO analysis

Access all information about patent litigation and complete your FTO analysis.


Discover how Darts-ip helps you to monitor your competitors, clients, patent portfolio, …

Search by party and save an alert

Find decisions by company name and save an alert to be sure you don’t miss any important information.

Points of Law

Discover how to search decisions based on a specific legal subject thanks to our points of law.

Invalidity actions

Discover how Darts-ip helps you for invalidity actions.

Infringement actions

Discover how Darts-ip helps you for your infringement actions.

EPO decisions

Find out why and how Darts-ip helps you to find EPO decisions.

Claim Construction

Find decisions where a specific term has been defined by a judge or an examiner.

Damages Search

Search for decisions based an the amount of damages granted.

Pharma Filter

Search and find case laws based on active ingredients (i.e. biologics, chemical drugs, vaccines, and veterinary drugs).

Search by Standard Disclosures (SEP)

Search for SEP litigation by unique projects (i.e. LTE, GSM, etc…) or by the generations (2G through 5G).

Discover our tailor-made tools for trademark specialists

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