Derwent x Darts-ip

Derwent x Darts-ip

July 8, 2020 / Press Release
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Darts-ip global IP case data is now at your fingertips

Analyzing the litigation and administrative cases relating to a patent or patent owner provides valuable insight for making IP decisions and managing risk. Now, that insight is available with the integration of Darts-ip global patent case data with Clarivate’s Derwent Innovation™.


A strategic acquisition

The recent acquisition of Darts-ip, the global leader in IP case data and analytics, by Clarivate™ brings together two IP leaders with complementary data sets. Darts-ip is the most comprehensive, searchable patent cases database available, with 1,708,485 administrative and judicial patent cases collected from 2,940 courts across 141 countries. More than 34,000 IP professionals around the world rely on Darts-ip data to make critical decisions. Built by IP experts and data scientists, Clarivate’s Derwent Innovation is a market-leading patent research and analytics platform delivering access to globally trusted patents and scientific literature. Enhanced content paired with proprietary search and data intelligence technology helps a global community of more than 40,000 innovators and legal professionals find answers to complex questions. By integrating patent case data with Derwent Innovation, patent research professionals can gain greater context for their most important decisions when building and protecting their IP portfolio. A more complete picture of potential obstacles with litigation history for each result allow for easy assessment of immediate risks and opportunities, improved efficiency, accelerated decision making, and reduced cost.


Integrated view

As of July 8, 2020, Derwent Innovation users can analyze information on patent registration together with prosecution and litigation insights. Easily identify the presence of previous litigation, assess the risk of conflict, and gain competitive intelligence. Whether drafting claims, researching patent families, refuting examiner objections, monitoring competition, or evaluating freedom to operate, save time and effort by combining patent and case research.

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