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Enrich your information with facts from intellectual property cases. Integrate our data into your platform.


Darts-ip is the only provider who knows what has happened to specific intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, etc). Have they been challenged in court somewhere around the world ? What was the outcome of the case? How aggressive are certain companies protecting their IP rights? How successful have they been?

Hence data companies, universities and in-house IP analysts have requested to integrate parts of our data. We are offering standard APIs with varying degrees of information.

If you are interested to know more about our partnership program, please let us know.

Example in Trademarks

For years, everyone in the trademark world knew that integrating case law information into trademarks searching and watching would make a lot of sense.

We offer the following automated queries:

  1. Which goods and services are deemed to be similar in case law?
  2. How experienced is the owner of the similar or newly registered mark? How often has the owner been party in cases? How often as defendant of the newly found mark? How often as plaintiff?
  3. Has the mark been involved in litigation? Was it with the same owner?
  4. What cases can be uncovered where similar marks are compared?
  5. Is the existing trademark a well-known mark as decided in certain cases?

Case study Corsearch

Example in Patents

Searching for patents in today’s world has become an art form. It’s often like finding a needle in a haystack. Patent professionals have been requesting to know which patent has been going through a post-grant proceeding or litigation anywhere around the world, and what the outcome has been.

We integrate a simple and visual flag on the search results page. A green flag means that we have not found anything on the patent. A red flag means that the patent (or a member of its family) had a post-grant proceeding or litigation somewhere around the world. By clicking on the icon, the users are directed to a page where more information is displayed.

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If you wish to know more about our data integration, please contact us.