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Darts-ip is proud to place our new data visualisation tool in the hands of our users

With nearly 4 million cases covering the past decade in our database, visualizing the data is crucial to fully understand it in order to see trends and actionable areas.

Some of the key changes include :

  • “Insights” allows you to turn raw data from your searches into attractive visualisations you can navigate and search through easily.
  • New options for the “Document Nature” filter to allow you to capture provisional refusals in the Trademark Database.


New filter option for document natures

  • Rapidly view and analyse large amounts of case law data at a glance through a clear graphical overview. Each graph provides you with the ability to deep dive into the data, allowing you to go from a helicopter view to microscopic precision. Navigate different search scenarios by exploring the different chart elements in order to identify areas that require attention and directly view the related case documents.
  • The Insights tool will continue to be regularly expanded, with a focus on increasing the visualisation options for clients. As this tool grows, new graphs and features will be added.
  • Our filter for “document nature” has just been enriched with a new one called “provisional notices”. This filter has been created to more specifically capture the provisional refusals in the Trademark Database, as well as preliminary opinions in the patent database.
  • Under the “complaints and hearings” filter, you may now search more specifically on “notices of appeal”.

Access to “Insights” is offered as a “Discovery” option. Should you be interested in continuing the use of this tool beyond the discovery period, this should be agreed upon with your Account Manager, who will be happy to work with you on the process. We hope you enjoy these new enhancements and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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