Darts-ip’s global patent case law data is now available through Google Patents

March 25, 2018 /

know if a patent was litigated anywhere in the world

Google Patents now links to Darts-ip patent cases database. Google Patents pages now display if a patent (or any member of its family) has a litigation history anywhere in the world.

The link leads to a publicly-accessible overview of the regions and types (judicial/administrative/arbitration) of cases related to the patent family.

For example, when viewing US 8,697,359 (CRISPR-Cas), a link to “View patent family cases” appears when Darts-ip has found a litigation case for this family. 

Darts-ip and Google Patents bring patent cases information to everyone.

Patent portfolios are global and so are patent disputes, hence, patent professionals require a global view.

Whether applying for a patent or preparing litigation, having a comprehensive overview of the case law related to a patent family is crucial. Darts-ip  provides its unique case law data and litigation history through Google Patents, providing users integrated access to patent text and case law documentation.

The missing Piece in your patent research

Case data is the missing piece in your patent research.  Once you identify a relevant patent portfolio, global case data reveals, for example, if any member of its family has already been challenged, on what grounds, by whom, and most importantly the determined outcome (validity).
Patent litigation case data also reveals aspects such as commercial and industrial strategic interests and portfolio value.

Explore 1 975 607 patent cases with Darts-ip

Darts-ip users can access the complete case details and data. If you are not a memeber yet, contact us, request a free trial so you can see what information we have and how you can leverage it.

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