Unfair competition case law global database

Our intellectual property case law database contains 58,992 cases from allover the world. We have collected Unfair competition cases from 74 countries worldwide. And we have Unfair competition cases from 61 different years with the oldest decision from 1960.
  • IP Cases
  • Unfair competition (58992 Cases)
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About Darts-ip

Darts-ip is the largest IP case law database and the only global one.
Kept fully up-to-date and constantly growing, Darts-ip is the fastest way to access intellectual property case law data that is otherwise difficult to find, and is the best source of intelligence available to sharpen legal and business strategies.
Addressing the need of in-house counsels, lawyers, judges, IP attorneys, and business analysts alike. Darts-ip covers every area of IP: Patent, Trademark, Designs and Models, Copyright, Domain Name and Unfair Competition cases.
Our global vision covers 130 countries, 3,620 courts and administrative offices, reaching 32,159 users, and serving prestigious clients all over the world.