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Précisions sur la rémunération des artistes-interprètes : Molière, Lulli, l’INA et la SPEDIDAM

La feuille de présence indiquant l’objectif de réalisation d’une œuvre audiovisuelle signée par les musiciens lors de l’enregistrement de la bande sonore vaut contrat avec le producteur et autorisation de fixer, reproduire et communiquer au public la prestation de l’artiste-interprète, conformément à l’article L 212-4 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle.

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Exhibiting Letters and Copyright

Recently, the Amsterdam appeal court ruled in the appeal case between the Dutch Anne Frank Stichting (AFS) against the Swiss based Anne Frank Fonds (AFF). AFS had acquired three letters from Otto Frank and had put these letters on display at their exhibition. AFF owns the copyrights to all works by Otto Frank and was not amused that AFS acted without their permission. Therefore, AFF went to court and stated infringement on their copyright.

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Intro to IP and Blockchain: A Primer

2017 was a phenomenal year for Blockchain. This emerging technology moved from early-stage research and development in small, leading-edge, early adopter circles to mainstream, ubiquitous chatter. It seems everyone has heard of Blockchain and its cryptocurrency...

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