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Immoral Trademarks Report

Based on a study of the data in Darts-ip’s global case law database, Darts-ip data scientists examined the worldwide legislation surrounding immoral trademarks.

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Fixation sur la notion de fixation

Sommes-nous maintenant fixés sur le sens de la notion de fixation au sens de l’article L 212-3 du code de la propriété intellectuelle. Cour de cassation, 1ère chambre civile, 12 septembre 2018, n°17-19-490

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Watch your pics on Netflix

A copyright infringement lawsuit against Netflix accusing the provider of illegally using a photo for the trailer of the hit show ‘Stranger Things’.

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Prepare your FTO with Darts-ip

As a long time user of the Darts-ip Case Law Database, Dr. van den Hazel has developed his own method to conduct a Freedom to Operate analysis. Through this webinar, he will demonstrate the great value of a comprehensive IP litigation database for a Freedom-to-Operate analysis for any new product.

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Darts-ip 5.5.2

From a smoother interface to bringing new search tools, the latest version of Darts-ip focuses on you.

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