1953, The Beach Chair Summer – A look at summer leisure patents

by | Aug 6, 2018

The holidays are here and everyone is in the mood to revel and bask in the glory of the sun, to leave mundane obligations behind and enjoy life at a different pace. The sun, sand, waves and beaches provide us an alternate dimension to enjoy nature. However, a trip to the beach, whether at home or abroad, is rarely undertaken without some degree of foresight.

It’s quite common to hear discussions about “plans” or “preparations” for going to the beach, as the ritual is not complete without bringing folding chairs, umbrellas, sunblock, frisbees, and sunglasses. For some, that planning means packing everything you need, for others it means inventing new ways to relax. Beach escapes are best enjoyed when disconnected from the daily hustle and bustle of reality, but we  at Darts-ip couldn’t squander the chance to find some interesting inventions which have over the years revolutionized how we kick back and relax.

We can attribute comfort and utility in leisure dating back to the year 1953 when the patent for the iconic “Folding Beach Chair” was issued {US2708962A}. To this day we see numerous variations and alterations to this base patent, the most notable among them was granted almost 50 years after the original patent “Foldable beach chair” {US6302479B1}.

Technological advancements mark almost every aspect of life today, with beach equipment being no exception. From camcorders to action cameras, our personal recording devices have modernized and upgraded over the years. Nowadays, underwater cameras and camera module apparatus provide deep sea divers a way to capture and bring the world under the sea {US20180143512A1} to the surface. In addition to this we now have integrated submersible vehicles for recovery and underwater exploration which could be controlled via a remote,{US20180170495A1}.

As these inventions and innovations advance, so to does the litigation around them. Indeed, litigation in this field is no day at the beach. A patent (US20030115010A1) which involved a diving mask embedded with an integrated computer system was rejected by the USPTO (Darts reference- bpai_fd20074083-03-31-2008-, darts-548-873-A-en). In another Infringement action regarding a certain lens mechanism for diving masks, the District Court granted in part and denied in part the summary judgment motion in question, (Darts reference- C.D.Cal._8-09-cv-01412_46, darts-433-209-A-en). We also saw another patent regarding surfboard protection being rejected by the USPTO (Darts reference- bpai_fd2016001590-10-31-2017-1, darts-673-748-E-en) (US20090283436A1).

So go ahead, grab your sunscreen and most comfortable personal flotation device to while away the hours at the beach. We hope our peek at summer case law put you in the mood for some sun soaking good times…or at the very least make you want to hang out in your bathtub with your swimsuit.


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