About Us

About Us

Our mission at Darts-ip is to help legal and business professionals achieve more with intellectual property cases.


Mission Statement

In a globalized and digitalized world, we thought it was crazy how much effort was needed to find relevant cases, how inaccessible certain information was and how hard it was to get a global high level overview. Previously only a fraction of the valuable information contained in cases had been used and had only been used in a very limited way.


How it started

“ As an IP lawyer, 15 years ago, I was frustrated that no dedicated tool existed to find cases that matter and to gain global insights. I started to collect my own cases in Excel and subsequently promote my tool to fellow IP lawyers. That’s how it all started.”

Jean-Jo Evrard, founder of Darts-ip


A focused team

We are a dynamic team of 220 people around the world. At darts-ip everyone takes ownership of a part of the business and contributes at creating a fun, proactive, and professional environment.

Decisions are made fast with a ‘can-do’ approach and team work is paramount.

Work with us

To support darts-ip’s growth, we are seeking talented individuals who want to be part of a growing business. We offer competitive packages and above all an opportunity to help shape a rapidly growing company.

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