About Us

About Us

Our mission at Darts-ip is to help legal and business professionals achieve more with intellectual property cases.


Mission Statement

In a globalized and digitalized world, we thought it was crazy how much effort was needed to find relevant cases, how inaccessible certain information was and how hard it was to get a global high level overview. Previously only a fraction of the valuable information contained in cases had been used and had only been used in a very limited way.


How it started

“ As an IP lawyer, 15 years ago, I was frustrated that no dedicated tool existed to find cases that matter and to gain global insights. I started to collect my own cases in Excel and subsequently promote my tool to fellow IP lawyers. That’s how it all started.”

Jean-Jo Evrard, founder of Darts-ip


A focused team

We are a dynamic team of 220 people around the world. At darts-ip everyone takes ownership of a part of the business and contributes at creating a fun, proactive, and professional environment.

Decisions are made fast with a ‘can-do’ approach and team work is paramount.


Founded in 2006, Darts-ip is a privately held organization. We have grown our business organically, without the help of any external investors. All of Darts-ip shareholders are actively managing the company.


Jean-Jo Evrard



Jean-Pierre Cuvelliez


Harold de Walque


Francois Grandjean


Guillaume van Rijckervorse


Arnaud van Wijck


Evrard van Zuylen


Advisory board

Our Advisory Board helps us make sound strategic decisions and helps us assess new development opportunities.

  • Barton Beebe
  • Pierre Véron
  • The Rt. Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob
  • Marshall C. Phelps, Jr.
  • Michael C. Elmer
  • Evelyne Roux
  • Alexander von Mühlendahl
  • Paul Lange
  • Marc Frisanco
  • Charles Gielen
  • Michael Edenborough QC

Work with us

To support darts-ip’s growth, we are seeking talented individuals who want to be part of a growing business. We offer competitive packages and above all an opportunity to help shape a rapidly growing company.

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