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December 6, 2017 / Blog

3 Million IP Cases – Why it Matters

At the end of 2017, our database reached the landmark number of 3 million intellectual property cases. This unmatched accomplishment is the result of 10 years of continuous efforts. Of course this number is impressive, but what does it mean to the IP professional?

We surveyed our user community to determine how they view global IP activities and how it impacts them. We gathered over 500 answers from around the world and here are the results.

Intellectual property portfolios are global

To begin, we asked our community what proportion of IP portfolios are international and on average in how many offices they register their rights.

To your best estimate, what portion of your clients have IP rights outside of your jurisdiction?

What percentage of your IP rights are international?

Both firms and corporates confirm that IP rights are clearly international.  A vast majority of law firm’s clients have multinational IP rights, which is confirmed by corporate counsel.  Over 70% of the in-house respondents declared that the majority of their IP rights are international.
This is corroborated by the average number of IP offices where our respondents typically register their rights. Over 93% of the respondents register their rights in more than one office.


of the respondents register their rights in more than 1 office

Most IP professionals deal with foreign opponents

Whether as a defendant in their own country or as a plaintiff abroad, IP professionals are working on an international level.

55% of the respondents from law firms, and 49% of the corporate respondents say that a majority of their cases involved foreign opponents. Conversely, a combined average of only 7.63% of IP law firms and in-house teams were never involved in cases with related activity abroad.

In the past 5 years, what percentage of your cases involved an opponent from outside your jurisdiction?

For firms, the importance of international IP activity is clearly reflected in the number of international partners and the proportion of business that is coming from those foreign counselors.

How many local partners do you work with, around the world?

What percentage of your business comes from international clients?

Intellectual Property Cases are multinational

A great majority (over 80%) of our respondents confirm that they are involved with multinational cases. That is, cases that had previous or ongoing proceedings in another country.

In the past 5 years, have you been involved in a case that had previous or ongoing proceedings in another country?

IP rights portfolios are truly global in nature. Whether as a defendant in their own country or as a plaintiff abroad, through local partnerships or international clients, most IP professionals are involved in multinational cases. With over 3 million cases now catalogued, Darts-IP is uniquely suited to helping IP professionals find the necessary information to be most effective in their sector.

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