We have a passionate team of people hunting for cases. Some courts have a website, others only have paper copies of their decisions. Sometimes we even have to go through dusty boxes in dark cellars to find the relevant IP cases.

For the vast majority of courts we are complete and up-to-date. We wish it could be the case for all the courts we go to.  But we think if we are a few months behind and miss the odd decision when going through paper copies in boxes, we are still doing a great job.

To help us with this huge task, our users send us cases – this means everyone has faster access to the most recent case law. In return we promote them on our website.


A Spanish trade mark case is read by a Spanish lawyer, a US patent case is read by a US patent specialist and a Chinese design and model decision is read by a Chinese attorney, etc

The entire point of law tree structure has 4039 different points and is 122 pages long, so you can see in how much detail each decision is analyzed.

Over 3 352 580 decisions have been analyzed so far, the equivalent of over 8 million pages of legal text. Imagine reading all that! It’s this huge analysis work which makes it possible to search for things you have never been able to search for before. What a time saver!

We receive lots of feedback from our 28 423 users worldwide. We truly value their ideas and suggestions. Often we get the feeling that they are as excited about Darts as we are!

When we update our interfaces, you don’t need to do anything on your end. Grab a coffee, relax, and you will get an email explaining the new or improved tools. The next time you log in, they will be ready and waiting.

The interfaces are easy to use. But since there is just so much you can do with them, we think that a quick training makes sense. The interfaces are available in several languages.