mascotte-helpdeskEmail or telephone helpdesk

Our helpdesks are staffed with IP experts to help you find the right cases and/or the right IP insight. If you have a technical issue, we are also there to help.

mascotte-trainingsOn site trainings & demos

We are travelling all over the world to meet our customers. If you like us to drop by please have a look at the cities we are visiting in the near future.
Meet darts-ip

mascotte-webinarsPrivate webinars

Our private webinars are a great way for new users to get to know the product. They are also a great way for experienced users to obtain helpful tips and discover new tools.

mascotte-documentationOnline video & documentation

We have developed a series of short video tutorials and an online user guide. They are available whenever you need help, or are just in need of a refresher on how to use the tools.