How the Darts-ip Trademark Cases Database can help you during Trademark Litigation.

Find all of your opponents’ cases

Instantly find all the cases involving a mark or a certain party as plaintiff or defendant, from anywhere in the world

Follow your opponent’s behavior in litigation. Are they likely to settle? Have they been successful? What other opponents have they been up against?

find WHERE YOU have the best chances of Winning

Use our party name search to evaluate the aggressiveness of a found mark’s owner


Be aware of your clients’ IP cases worldwide and get the bigger picture

Set up alerts and follow the judicial activities of your prospects and clients anywhere in the world.

Find ARGUMENTS the other party will not find

Combine our search tools and find the killer argument hidden in the haystack of cases

Our search tools can be used to get a high-level overview of cases and to drill down within those cases to find a specific winning decision. 

Darts-ip can also help you with your enforcement cases.

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